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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dani Fashion Show

The adreneline was pumping backstage as we practiced for Dani's show..we all wanted to make this a perfect show for Dani of Danielle Fashions.
Each outfit was pure perfection and Dani was backstage to ensure each outfit was as she wanted it shown.Dani is not only a talented designer but a kind and wonderful person always willing to help! muuuaaahs Dani
The fashions showcased Dani's pure genius and vision as we all walked the runway with confidence..knowing we were showing such beautiful and splendid creations.
We surprised Dani by wearing her "butterfly" dress ..a wonderful creation that made me think of spring flowers..suddenly I was transformed into a butterfly wanting to experience the scent of each delicate blossom as I floated on a soft springtime breeze.

We celebrated the success of Dani's fashion show by dancing..Dani front and center..who was a vision of beauty as she danced :)
Thank you Dani for a wonderful night to remember and for allowing us at CWS to have the honour of wearing and showing such a resplendent collection!
My special thanks to Debbie..my rock,my mentor and my friend..who encourages me with her kind words and deeds,and never fails to amaze me with her patience and understanding.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jandas Place - Day 2

Janda smiles and thanks for looking at my BlogI am a student at the University of Classic With Style pursuing a modeling career in SL,it is challenging yet so fulfilling.I am learning so many new things every day..and look forward to keeping you informed of the exciting styling and fashion shows CWS has to offer.

Monday, February 7, 2011